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athematical Interdisciplinary Research Station, Kanazawa University
This is the portal site for research of MIRS.

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Members of Mathematics program and Applied mathematics program:

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Institute of Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University.

(A fluid motion simulated by Prof. Notsu.)

Research achievements

Research Groups (* is the leader):

Each member of MIRS belongs to one of the following sub-groups (Symmetry and Invariant Section and Mathematical Model Analysis Section , only for convenience).
Many faculty have interests that cut across the groups and the fields continue to evolve.
To develop our future research (and to get feeling of unity), we organize Mathematical Colloquim by invited speakers.
See Laboratory Portraits and   See Research achievements  for further details of our research.
We all welcome to your contact with us for research.


Constituent member

Symmetry and Inalterability Section:


* WAKATSUKI, Satoshi: Number theory, Automorphic forms, Trace formula, Shintani zeta function

OURA, Manabu: Algebraic combinatorics

MIYACHI, Hideki: Complex analysis, Complex manifolds, Teichmuller theory

OHARA, Katsuyoshi: Complex analysis, Computer mathematics, Numerical analysis

NAGANO, Atsuhira: Special functions, Number theory

KAWAKAMI, Yu: Geometric analysis, Surface theory

NAGOYA, Hajime: Differential equations in the complex domain, Representation theory, Conformal field theory

HAYAKAWA, Takayuki: Algebraic geometry

CAI, Yuanqing: Number theory, Representation theory, Automorphic forms, L-functions

KAWAGOE, Kenichi: Low dimension topology, Knot theory

IWASE, Zjunici: Topology of low-dimensiional manifolds

SUGIYAMA, Shingo: Number theory, Automorphic forms, L-functions, Harmonic analysis

MARUYAMA, Shuhei: Topology


Mathematical Model Analysis Section:


* NOTSU, Hirofumi: Computational fluid dynamics, Numerical analysis, Finite element method

KIMURA, Masato: Mathematical modeling, Numerical simulation

OHTSUKA, Hiroshi: Variational problems, Nonlinear partial differential equations

OHARA, Katsuyoshi: Complex analysis, Computer mathematics, Numerical analysis

POZAR, Norbert: Nonlinear partial differential equations, Mathematical modelling

IMAMURA, Yuri: Probability, Financial mathematics

van Meurs, Patrick: Partial differential equation, Particle dynamics

SAKAKIBARA, Koya: Moving boundary problem, Numerical analysis, Applied and computational complex analysis

WADA, Keigo: Fluid mechanics, Singular perturbations, Numerical calculus, Combustion, Tourism

SATO, Makoto Mathematical Modeling,Neural Development,emergence of brain function,neuronal network,cell migration,neuronal diversity,Visual system,Drosophila brain

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Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Institute of Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University.


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