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athematical Interdisciplinary Research Station, Kanazawa University
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Members of mathematics course and computational mathematics education program:

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Institute of Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University.

(A fluid motion simulated by Prof. Notsu.)

Annual Projects and News
Research Groups (* is the leader):

Each member of MIRS belongs to one of the following sub-groups (Algebra, Geometry, and Analysis , only for convenience).
Many faculty have interests that cut across the groups and the fields continue to evolve.
To develop our future research (and to get feeling of unity), we organize Mathematical Colloquim by invited speakers.
See Laboratory Portraits and  Annual Projects and News for further details of our research.
We all welcome to your contact with us for research.


Algebra Group

Research Areas:

Number theory, Automorphic forms, Representation theory;
Algebraic geometry, Commutative algebra,
Algebraic combinatorics (association scheme, spin model, coding theory, invariant theory, modular form);


WAKATSUKI*, Satoshi: Number theory, Automorphic forms, Trace formula, Shintani zeta function.

HAYAKAWA, Takayuki: Algebraic geometry.

NAGANO, Atsuhira: Special functions.

OURA, Manabu: Algebraic combinatorics.

Seminar associated with Algebra Group:

Hokuriku Suron Seminar (Number theory seminar)


Geometry Group

Research Areas:

Geometric analysis (harmonic functions and the heat equation on complete manifolds,
harmonic mappings of finite enegy, and potential theory on trancient networks);
Low dimensional topology (knot, quantum invariant);
Value distribution theory, the Kobayashi hyperbolicity of complex manifolds;
Hyperbolic geometry (Riemannian surfaces, the Teichmuller spaces,
volume formulae of polyhedra in the three-dimensional hyperbolic space);


IWASE, Zjuñici: Topology of low-dimensional manifolds.

KAWAGOE, Kenichi: Low dimension topology.

KAWAKAMI, Yu: Differential geometry, Complex geometry, Complex analysis, Surface theory.

MIYACHI, Hideki: Complex analysis.

USHIJIMA, Akira: Low-dimensional topology, Hyperbolic geometry.


Analysis Group

Research Areas:

Theoretical and numerical study of mathematical models for physics, chemistry, economics, and engineering;
Non-linear elliptic equations; Reaction-diffusion systems;
Dynamical systems (integrableHamiltonian systems and their perturbations);
Functional analysis (operator theory, spectral analysis, quantum mechanics));
Hypergeometric functions;  
Computer algebra;
Probability theory based on the measure theory, limit theorems related to the number theory;


KIMURA*, Masato: Mathematical modeling, Numerical simulation.

NAGOYA, Hajime: Differential equations in the complex domain, Representation theory, Conformal field theory.

NAKAMURA, Ken-ichi: Nonlinear partial differential equations, Reaction-diffusion systems.

NOTSU, Hirofumi: Computational fluid dynamics, Numerical analysis, Finite element method.

OHARA, Katsuyoshi: Complex analysis, Computer mathematics, Numerical analysis.

OHTSUKA, Hiroshi: Variational problems, Nonlinear partial differential equations.

OMATA, Seiro: Variational problem, Numerical analysis.

POZAR, Norbert: Partial differential equation.

van Meurs, Patrick: Partial differential equation.

TAKANOBU, Satoshi: Probability theory, Limit theorem.

Collaborative members:

SATO, Makoto (Laboratory of Developmental Neurobiology): Mathematical Biology.

WADADE, Hidemitsu (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering): Real Analysis.

Seminars associated with Analysis Group:

Kanazawa Analysis Seminar

Workshop on Mathematical Analysis for Nonlinear Phenomena
Hamiltonian dynamical system Seminar
Kanazawa Mathematical Science and Data Science Seminar

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